Jimmy's 1966 Dodge Dart GT - First Look 12-30-16

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  • Ray, the very kind but snarky 79yo 2nd owner would not sell to just anyone. I was the first to call and the first to see it but I still had to wait days. This was easily my most difficult classic purchase. He wanted me to keep it original and that is what I intend to do :D
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  1. Veeco
    Thank you Jim. I definitely have a lot to learn. Yes, it is a stock 225 /6 with factory A/C. Sounds like you are building some beasts out there in Texas!
  2. Jim Batchelor
    Is it /6 or V8? I have a 66 Dodge Dart "GT" with a 225 /6 in it and 904 behind that. Got a 78 318 with a 72 727 going into it. Still basically got everything to do. I'm about 50 miles west of Fort Worth, Texas. I'll be watching for you in future. Good luck.
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  3. Veeco
    Thank you PSegarra. Overall a very nice example of an unmolested Dart.
  4. PSegarra
    What a beauty.... Love it..
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  5. Veeco
    Thank you sir! I am truly happy to have found it.
  6. toolmanmike
    Welcome to FABO. Your 66 is a time capsule, so complete and so original. tmm
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