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  • This is our 13th Duster. We have had this one 15 yrs. Also the highest documented vehicle we have ever owned. Originally purchased in Hawaii. Two trips across the sea. Started life as a slant 6/904 car, turned into a 340 clone car with ported/gasket matched X-heads, Jahns 10.5-1 pistons, Crower 269H cam, Competition Cams shafts-rockers, Weiand dual plane intake, modified 750 Holley, MSD 6AL control box, Pro Billet distributor, TTI shorty headers, Built 904 Torque-flite, all A&A Transmission internals including 3K stall convertor. Trans-go Level 2 shift kit. Differential has '489 Case/3.55 gear, Auburn carrier. 11" rear brakes, we narrowed a '68 Dodge Charger 8 3/4 housing and purchased Nitro axles for 'A' body. 15X8 -295R/15 rears and 15X4 - 215/15 fronts... police wheels. Swapped in '73 K-member with front Disc, spool motor mounts. The Rally Dash Conversion and functioning hood scoops/black-out paint were also some 'fun' projects! I got my start at my grandfathers Standard Oil gas station and machine shop shown here in 1964 & 1996.

    The link to video under 'Dyno' is of our 69 RR doing a test and tune out in the country. Duster video soon. All restoration work...engine/drivetrain/chassis/paint/body/welding/electrical/interior...done here, minus the precision machine work done at Napa Auto.
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  1. Swinger Ron
    WOW! I want that garage.....
  2. Garrett Ellison
    Great Job! I am terribly curious, did you swap in a rallye dash frame or is that the generic cluster dash frame modified to fit a rallye cluster? It looks like you swapped dash frames and wiring harness to the real deal... I know it's a lot of work either way you go with that!
      No dash frame swap. It's just steel, cut carefully, lots of measurement/pattern it also. Good tools and patience. You can modify existing wiring to work by re-clocking the pins on that round plug on back of existing Instrument cluster, buy the laminated dash wiring drawings on e-bay of both standard dash/rally dash. Cheap. Add a few extra Instr.light pigtails to power additional lights. I would be glad to answer any other questions.
      BLKNBLU340DSTR, Nov 13, 2018
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    2. Garrett Ellison
      Wow! Very much respect, did you have to add any additional tabs to screw the new gauge surround to? I was going to go this route but my uncle backed out on selling me a clean '71 demon cluster, harness, and dash frame. In hindsight, even with all the time Dremel tooling and hand fitting a factory surround, I am tickled pink with the new vintage gauge set...
      Garrett Ellison, Nov 13, 2018
      I won't deny it. It was a lot of work. I am always up to a challenge. I actually pass on easy jobs, give them to apprentices. Wired in a electronic voltage reducer, and bypassed the fuel gauge which doubles as a reducer of sorts via a set of points/winding. Very primitive. 50 yr old technology. Radio bracket had to be moved over one inch/welded back in. Yes, new mounting tabs had to be installed. For me, I enjoyed the whole job. As a youngster, I never had the patience....lol......
      BLKNBLU340DSTR, Nov 13, 2018
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  3. cuda27365
    Very nice!
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