The Real RustyRatRod

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  • This is the REAL RustyRatRod. Hoping to get some progress done in 2016.

    1983 D150 chassis. 1993 D350 Dana 70 dual wheel rear axle. D350 front suspension. 1956 331 Truck Hemi. 1983 D150 overdrive A833 transmission.

    These pictures record my progress so far. Thank for lookin.

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  1. JeffisOld
    Way cool!
  2. Bigdummy
  3. RustyRatRod
    The pistons on the right were some NOS 354 pistons I got on the cheap. In the end, I decided not to bore the engine, as the bores were nearly perfect. I sold the 354 pistons and ordered a set of 1955 331 pistons from Egge. The 55 331 had the highest compression of the 331s at 8.5. With heads milled .025 and some NOS Fitzgerald steel shim head gaskets, the compression blueprinted perfectly at tad over 9.2:1.
  4. mikebee
    i need that in my 71 d 100...nice!
      RustyRatRod likes this.
    1. RustyRatRod
      I had it for sale forever and no one even bit.
      RustyRatRod, Apr 28, 2016
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