[SOLD] 09-13 Ram aftermarket lights.

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  1. Craig Burriss

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    Aug 30, 2017
    Statesboro Georgia
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    Selling these used Anzo headlights and tail lights that were on my 2012 ram.
    The headlights started to get a lot of condensation in them in the mornings and in the rain, and one the tail lights load resistor went out and made it start blinking faster so I put some stock ones back on.
    They can probably be resealed and will work fine.
    Asking $50 + shipping from Statesboro GA 30458
    57850FC6-C970-40FE-8F79-C57859317111.jpeg 80ED872B-668A-4880-906A-0C1B555A7AC6.jpeg
    78D25785-6541-4681-B665-A54F381D2F42.jpeg BCD04380-5783-4BD8-A355-EE5B194FE2E2.jpeg D5C23ECE-F9B5-466E-A554-07A8B3DD8B73.jpeg 1DFBCB3C-1120-4CFA-80BA-F1374A5FC275.jpeg
    One tail light has a scuff on it 1E7D2B88-6E29-4CA3-BF46-1B8710FF8247.jpeg
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