1970 Duster brake master cylinder removal?

May 27, 2020
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Apple Valley Ca.
Anyone know how to disconnect the master cylinder from the brake pedal linkage on a 1970 Duster. I pulled the 4 nuts off of the fire wall - but the linkage won't let loose of it. Even after I pulled the 2 bolts in the back of the master cylinder and spun it a full 360 degrees. It won't come off. It's a manual front and rear drum brake system w/ 9/16" nuts on the brake lines. I added a couple of pics in case it might help identify what type it is. thanks


I like to remove the front seat if I'm doing any under-the-dash work that's going to take longer than 5 minutes.
take the brake light switch out and yank the pedal up...it will pull out...or remove the 1 bolt and deal with it later
Leave the m/c off the studs, pull on the pedal that's now near the floor, it'll pop the rod outta the m/c.
Don't pull too far, cuz it'll hit the brake lite switch and knock it outta adjustment .
That's one way.