1972 Duster , starting to tear into the build

Got headliner mostly installed , and I would prefer to stretch a headliner any day compared to the ABS plastic board like this lol , of course I was working alone , and its white so now it will need cleaned in small spots but oh well , not going to remove and trim any areas like most have had to do , although one spot may have needed it or I got it twisted some , as I was just shy on drivers front corner but the rear shifted differently , but one side I can use something to get up like Velcro or something to hold corner in place , have a-pillars on an sail panels , all I need is the trim in between installed but looks like it will fit , front I am waiting on the new rearview mirror to arrive then I can finish , looks like it will fit good to seal to windshield gasket ,,the rear gasket was close , may need to do something but going to wait until it gets out in the heat to see if it lays better , but over all not really that bad , so little more work and touch up and cleaning since its white , love the white but dam hard not to keep clean when installing ,and since a 72 never had a fold down seat , made the sail panels not easy to install next to wheel wells plastic covers but made work , I like it so far