[FOR TRADE] 1974 plymouth duster remote mirror

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  1. robert flippo

    robert flippo Well-Known Member

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    May 9, 2018
    gibson station va
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    11:26 PM
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    I need a passenger side mirror to match the one i have pictured, does not need to be remote, just regular mirror , the remote one i have to trade has some pitting but mirror is ok, it has door gasket and nut included, just a drivers quality is all i need, not worried about show car, even trade, let me know if you are interested, will try to load photos IMG_20190812_143756.jpg IMG_20190812_143756.jpg IMG_20190812_143722-1.jpg IMG_20190812_143722.jpg IMG_20190812_143647.jpg IMG_20190812_143630.jpg
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