[FOR SALE] 2003 Jaguar S-type R

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    Asking $2,500 obo. 4.2L V8 supercharged 400HP with around 163k miles. Interior is in great shape, I'll get some more pics later.

    Transmission was rebuilt along with a new torque converter and TCM about 20k miles ago.

    Car has some issues and I'm not putting money into the car anymore. If I was capable of doing the repairs myself, I would as the parts it needs aren't very much. Car moves under its own power but has a coolant leak and so I haven't driven the car for two years but I'll run it from time to time. Has a new battery which I've kept inside on a maintainer. I'm pretty certain the leaking hose is the one located under the supercharger, which would need removed to fix it. Power steering has small leak and may need a new rack/pinion. To my knowledge, it's the same one from a Lincoln LS.

    I've put 100k miles on the car myself over the past 10 years. I've always used royal purple oil. Probably needs an oil change by now, I can do that if there's a serious buyer.

    After you get used to driving this, every other car will feel like it has busted suspension! Love the car, hate to sell it. But baby #3 is on the way and I can't invest the money into it. (and it goes before my Duster goes!)

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