[SOLD] 340 Forged Crank Ready to Use!! OBO

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Oct 21, 2019
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Located in the Pittsburgh PA area. I have for sale a 340 forged crank that I just got back from machine shop. It was checked and cleaned and did not need to be cut. Both the mains and rod journals are standard size. Crank has been polished and is ready to use. It came out of a 71 block. I can get u vin if interested but I don't think that matters for the Crank.

I know you guys like pics. If u need anymore than what I attached just let me know.

Asking $420 obo. Open to offers or trades!! Worse I can do is tell you no. :) I can send you the slip from machine shop with it too if you want. Lastly yes I can ship it. Thanks!!








@inertia Is that true?? :( Hoping I didn't waste my money at the machine shop...

It came out of the block we pulled from the car. I have the block numbers if you want me to post them let me know.
It is my experience.
But other knowledgeable folks will chime in, I'm sure.
Could be a 318 stage 3 truck crank, strong but heavy .
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Correct. The 340 forged cranks have two throws drilled through from the factory. That is still a good crank you have. Check the size of the register on the rear flange as the older cranks have a smaller register that the later and more common larger register for the torque converter snout.
Thanks guys @Matt68 I'll check the size on the back like @Rocket mentioned and get back to you about that and shipping. Again price is negotiable. Thanks all!!
Do those cranks need to be balanced to run 340 rods if in fact it is a forged 318 unit?
Yes, It should be.
Having said that, early in my career, I worked for a Moving Company, repairing their trucks, got and used a 318 stg III crank (ala rodding magazines) in a 340, - before I knew about balancing, - no vibration, no drama .
Strongly recommend balancing for anything over 500 rpm, lol.
Sorry 72 D ! !
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Local person picked it up. I mentioned it was 273 and he's used one before and we made a deal. Marking ad as sold. Thanks for all info guys!
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