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Apr 8, 2007
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Dayton OH
Does anyone have any experience w/ stroker kits from 440source.com? What do you think of them? What have you heard?
After doing a ton of research I've heard a lot more good about their kits than bad. I don't think I have read a single first hand account of anyone breaking a crank, or rod.

I purchased their 400-512 kit with upgraded I-beam rods, 7/16 ARP bolts, and 14:1 compression. Everything looks first rate..It will be quite awhile before it's running, but I believe I have an excellent bottom end to work with.

Does anyone have any experience w/ stroker kits from 440source.com? What do you think of them? What have you heard?
I think a lot of people are happy with their rotating assemblies. Its always a good idea to get any rotating assembly checked over carefully before using no matter where you get it from. Their rocker arms are failing and causing catastrophic engine damage so I'd steer clear of those.
Any word on how the heads are, comparitively? other than the rocker assembly... They seem to have great prices and quality producs.
The heads are new and have been selling like crazy. Haven't heard any complaints on the heads.
I bought their heads and took them to a friend that has a speed shop and he said they were really nice for the price. I really liked them so I bought my 543stroker kit from them. 3 to 5 days wait. The Eddy heads I looked looked at for my 340 wouldn't make more HP without a lot of porting, $2100. 440 Source BB aluminum heads with longer bolts, washers and 3/4 reach plugs delivered under $1000. 543 Stroker kit with Childs and Alberts rings, Clevite main and rod bearings, internally balanced and a $70 upgrade from H beam rods to I beams with ARP rod bolts delivered $1956.
One guy said the heads were not big enough for a 543, I agree but I'm talking a street motor here. And I'm talkin 103 more cubes more than a stock 440. It could use the Indys. Sometimes ya gotta stay with the budget. Best prices anyone has right now. Here's the pics of the heads before I port them. This will be my 3rd set of ported heads and the first set of ported aluminum heads. It was worth the time to port the cast heads and it does take time.






A lot of 440 source kit is finding its way to England at the moment. Havent heard any bad reports on it but most of the guys are having it all checked out before build ups.Eveyone wants 400 blocks at the moment can not get a good one for love nor money,no one wants 440 blocks anymore.
got plenty of early 400 blocks here.all 71 vintage 230 blocks with 9 being the 1.350 webbing and 7 being the 230 .575 webbing. have 9 72 630 400 engines.5 530 castings. 30 400s total, im a pack rat,lol heard some porosity issues with the 440 source kits and whacked journals.also heard different seat heights on the heads. have everything miked out and magnafluxed as you would any engine. This was from a pro mopar builder with 29 years exp. building exclusively mopar engines from daily drivers to top fuel.
543 cubes is crazy using a standard 440 block, 500 max imo.
kaboom on the standard 440 block, even at 600 hp. need to use the indy maxx block.
why? because the 440 is a weak block with ,375 to max .575 main shell webbing.If I were to build a 543 using a standard 440 block I would hard block the water passages as the 440s have long tubes and are known for wrinkling the walls over 650 hp.I would reccomend studs and billet caps which requires line boring.a girdle,and a lot of extra bucks on machine work. that takes the fun out of it as with the hard block its race only.unless its race only why bother spending the money as ya can build a 600 hp 440 engine using the factory internals as long as everythings been miked out and magnafluxed and have a good street engine. I would save the money for a rainy day on the 543 build and just build a standard stroke 440 for the street. the 400 is a different story, especially the 1.350 main saddle block but its easy to get 550 600 horse out of a 400 also using standard stroke and have a much stronger block than a 440 but to each their own. sounds like an advertisement for 440 source leaving a lot of things out that are required on the 440 using their 543 440 stroker kit. I understand cycle life but magnafluxing isnt expensive.be it torque or hp that 440 block will need the above mentioned items to work,you can skip the hardblock and run it on the street but torque breaks parts faster than hp.balanced to within what? a decent machine shop can balance to within 1/2 gram. never assume until you check first.good luck standard stroke 440 with factory crank and eagle rods with the right combo can be streetable and run in the 9s with main and head studs and a decent set of aftermarket heads. thats my opinion
they quote the 543 compression using the .039 head gasket thickness, wonder if their allowing for the compression of the head being torqued onto the block.this sounds like a commercial and someones trying to sell the 543 kit cause their overstocked. this is my opinion on the subject.
I just received my 512 stroker kit from them today and everything looks real good. My machinist will mic everything tomorrow and do the balancing in house. 440 source was very honest with me when I asked about the larger stroker as more clearincing was required and would be a pain ina street motor.
Only time will tell how the parts perform.
have everything magnafluxed also push. the standard block webbing and design is just not there on the standard 440 block without doing above mods,add to that the machine work, and im sure your shop will find these 3 or 4 grams off on the assembly unless your extremely lucky.hp and racing yes, for the street, no,not worth the bux and I wouldnt push a standard 440 block past 500 cubes without above mods.
kaboom on the standard 440 block, even at 600 hp. need to use the indy maxx block.

um... wrong.

650-700hp is about max on a STOCK B/RB block. theres little machining tricks/ parts that can make
it live well beyond those #'s i posted.
I put the 500 kit in my 440 and im happy with the bang for the buck. I agree the long rod motors need special machine work due to the fact that the piston dwells on top longer and that hammers the bottom end more. I went with indy ezs on top for the longer valves.The 500 kit uses a stock rod lenghth with a 4.15 crank to pump up the cubes. 500 will also clear the oil pump pick up where as the 540 kit has to have an xternal pick up i believe.
just about to fire up a 438 kit from a 383. i also have 440 at the machine shop going to 500 with one of there kits. parts look of nice quality. i'll post how the first one runs.
true hornet, I push over 650 streetable hp out of my .575 main saddle webbing 440 using main studs, aluminum caps,and a girdle. eagle rods,stage 6 heads, your either gonna destroy the block over 650 hp without above mentioned items, hardblock for sure for a fulltime race car otherwise them long water jacket tubes next to the bores will wrinkle the cylinder walls like a crushed pepsi can. ya can get 650 hp out of the 906 heads also but I admit I have overported a few times and watered the track down lol