[FOR SALE] 65 Valiant Stainless Wheel Opening Moldings

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  1. sgrip65

    sgrip65 66 Dart GT 273, 65 Dart GT 273 HiPo FABO Gold Member

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    Oct 27, 2018
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    6:09 PM
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    Hello Members. I have a set of wheel opening moldings for a 1965 Plymouth Valiant. Two of these are perfect, and the other two have some small imperfections. I am asking $190.00 for the set plus shipping and PP fees. PM me a sgrip 65 if I can help you with these. Thanks for looking.

    65ValTrim 025.JPG

    65ValTrim 017.JPG

    65ValTrim 018.JPG

    65ValTrim 019.JPG

    65ValTrim 022.JPG
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