[FOR SALE] 7 1/4" Rear Axle

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    Up for sale is a 7 1/4" axle out of my 1968 Dart. This rear worked well, and was pulled out of the car last month. It was pulled because it was replaced by an 8 3/4" rear axle. The car got a big block swapped in and the Slant-6 was removed at the same time. This axle was never operated behind anything other than the original Slant-6 & 904 TF.

    Please see my Craigslist ad for photos:


    The brake lines were removed because we needed them for the other axle. The wheel cylinders are between 1 & 2 years old, and should have plenty of life left.

    It ran quiet and had clean 90W in the diff. I don't know the gear ratio, but I would guess it is around 2.76 to 2.94. Open differential. 5 on 4" bolt pattern. 9" drums. Comes with the brake drums that were used with it.

    Located in Santa Clarita CA. $50
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