A/C in the way cant remove my slant six valve cover



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Sep 25, 2005
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St.Louis Mo

I have a 70 dart with a slant six and factory A/C . I changed the K-member to the spool type motor mounts when I added disk brakes. I cant seem to be able to remove the valve cover because the A/C heater hoses are in the way. It looks like if I remove the motor mount bolts and drop the motor down I will have to remove the fan shroud, and sill not know if there is enough room by the firewall to remove the valve cover. If I try to drop the trany mount then I have to remove all the shift linkage. I don't want to open the A/C system if there is a trick I can use. Any Help would be Appreciated.

Bill S
There was usually just enough room to remove the valve cover bolts and slip it underneath the heater hoses. Since I rebuilt my son's slant and had the opportunity, I installed new hoses with a little extra length. Yours might be tight fit, but it should come off.