ACC Carpet Delivery to Carlisle and The Nats

Restoration Parts and Materials

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    Dec 1, 2013
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    Just spoke to our ACC rep and they will be coming to Carlisle and the Columbus Nats. This will save you guys the shipping charges on carpet deliveries. This will be freshly molded carpet kits which eases the installation. If you should need a carpet kit for Carlisle delivery, I must have your needs confirmed by Monday afternoon, June 29th. Pricing will be as follows:

    63 to 76 A-Body Carpet Sets: $150.00
    Console Strip: $40.00
    Add Mass Backing: $60.00
    Carpeted Floor Mats: $80.00 for standard mat, embroidered logos $27 to $30 depending upon color and style

    Ph. 404-643-5760
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