Aluminum Intake Heat Crossover

Close up of the Corona Bug.

Somewhere I saw a video where someone filled the crossover passage in the heads with a melted down piston. I suppose the hot metal could warp/melt the intake though unlike cast iron heads .
Yup, saw that same thing. Work is it worked pretty well.
Some follow up. Weather taped one crossover port, sealed up the cracks on that same end, the mid crack, and tube hole. It held distilled water for 48 hours. No signs of water in the plenum or the runners. I'm OK with just blocking off at the valley pan.

Thanks again for your input!

We have people drinking fish tank cleaner I hear.
Yep a couple in their 60's from AZ. Self medicating without research, but hey, they didn't get the virus. Right up there with eating Tide pods.