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    Feb 28, 2010
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    Dammit SOB!! I needed a new master cyl for my Durango..... It deserves it I guess, as Im at 286K on the original. Ive done the reman master cyl dance, goin thru 3-4 before I get 1 good one, over teh years on various vehicles. .... that might last 6 months before that one's junk. and I dont do "house brand" mystery very well either.... Who Really makes "Duralast"? or "Brake Best"? I have no idea.
    I don't want to play games with brakes. I want a known name brand.
    I bought a Wagner, made in USA, cast iron, wow an upgrade over original... great. but according to Rock Auto's listing, my Durango has 4 lines coming off of master.... well, it don't. as soon as I took it outta the box, and seen that back in the box it went and back to RA.... still waiting for refund to post.
    I found a Bendix (another brand been around since the dawn of cars) for a good price on Feebay. It came today/ In bold on the box... MADE IN CHINA DAMMIT!!!!! My Durango was made in Michigan.... last I checked that is still here in the USA..... is there another Michigan in the world? I wont have a Kia or Hyundai or Toyota or Honduh in my driveway.
    Why are we FORCED to convert our cars into Chinese vehicles as we maintain them, and replace parts that are needed over the years?
    Anyone heard of CENTRIC? I haven't.
    and Cardone? No thanks/
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