Best t-stat for power



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Nov 26, 2011
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I e been told by a few different people that if I switched to a 180 degree thermostat from the 195 degree thermostat I'm running right now I'd gain a little more power.
Is there any truth to this?
I've got a 300hp crate 360 magnum, running the dual plane mopar m1 intake and a quick fuel super street series 680cfm vacuum secondary carb.
I'm running a Napa premium 195 degree thermostat right now. I don't have any over heating issues, she always runs at 190 to 195.
I've got a 3 row brass/copper radiator, a 8 blade water pump and a fan shroud with the mopar performance 5 blade viscous fan, no fan clutch.
Must be Chevy guys. They will believe anything.
Naw 195, 200 degree engine temp is fine! What you need is a cool intake charge, no heat crossover, heat insulator under carb, ram air system
Sweet, ill leave the 195 t-stat alone, it is brand new anyways.
I would at least use a Stant Super Stat in 195. They are superior to others.
That's what I'm using, the Napa premium thermostats are stant super stats.
If you really want to make / save horsepower from your cooling system then get rid of that direct drive fan and put in an electric fan setup. You'll be surprised at how much HP and fuel is wasted pulling air through your radiator when it's not necessary (i.e. on the highway). You'll also have a quieter drive on the highway without that fun running unnecessarily.
That might work in Ontario. But in Montana IDK

I'd use a thermostatic clutch, and a 6 blade hi-pitch fan. I'd rather have reliability.
In Montana I think I'd run a direct drive fan, and carry a new spare belt at all times. Maybe/probably water too, if I was leaving town.But I'm 62.Not interested in walking when the temp goes over 80ish. Also not interested in leaving my ride on the side of the road.
No thats not it at all.
What I meant is, that when it gets over 80ish, I like to be at home on the shaded lawnswing, sitting in front of the electric fan. Not hitch-hiking in the heat of the noon-day sun! lol
It was 27*C today. Last week we were into the low/mid 30s. (35*C = 95*F). Too hot for me. I couldnt get anything done outside, and no A/C inside, and 87% humidity. Its like living in an aquarium.

No Georgia for me, no sir. I live 20 to 25 miles North of the USA border, and the border is as far as I care to go.Next week they are forcasting 27s(81F), and 17s at night(63F).No PJs.
You couldn't stand 95 plus degrees and 75% and up humidity in Georgia. It's a beeotch.