Best torsion bar for a Hemi



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Aug 29, 2016
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Columbus, OH
Okay, Gents. I would like your thoughts on the best torsion bar for a Hemi A-body (Dart).

I believe the racers used the lightest possible (slant 6) but I would like to drive this thing on the street.

I have a 1” firm feel but I think that’s too stiff. My car isn’t for auto cross.

I’m leaning toward .890 which I believe is the police chaser diameter. Or, .810 would probably work well also.

Going thinner would also have the added benefit of header clearance.

Curious what you all run (mine is not a drag car so much as a street/strip car). Thanks in advance.
.89 is 67-69 383 and 69 440 size
.87 is V-8 with air conditioning or 340/360 car
.85 is V-8
.83 is slant 6
.94 is 1976 360 cop car (very rare)


I have daily driven my '73 Dart with 1" torsion bars and a 318/360 under the hood. Currently have 1.08" bars.
FORGET the "autocross / roadracing" term. It comes from 'outdated' Mopar-literature.

IMO, 0.9" to 1" bars should have been stock from the factory in any A-body with a V8.
I use a small-block T-bar(s) on my Hemi Dart. It's a bit jarring but bearable.
Slant 6 bars on mine along with 90/10 shocks with the KB alloy hemi. Ride height, drive and ride I’d say is good to impressive.