Biggest front tire that can be run on 1964 plymouth valiant



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Sep 1, 2020
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Hello guys. Thanks for all the help you have given me

I would like to hear from you guys on whats the biggest tires you have seen on a 1964 plymouth valiant Front. My ideal would be a 235/60/15 for the front. Thoughts ?
One thing you will need to know when you start getting responses is the respondents wheel width and backspacing. The backspace or offset will determine where along the width of the rim it bolts to the axle so a given tire may work great on a wheel that maintains the stock outer track width but "wraps" around the drum or disc, whereas one with little backspace but wider than OEM will possibly rub on the fender, if that makes sense?

A quick internet search for backspace wheel and tire calculator will allow you to compare all kinds of wheel and tire combinations. I've done this on a couple builds and it can become quite the science project but well worth it in the end. Good luck.
I had issues with 235-60 14s rubbing on my 65 dart on my cragars (14x6 SBP)and on the wide steelies ( 14x5.5 Dealer option wheels). Don't know the back spacing on either.
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I’m running 225/60/15’s all around on my 64 Dart, using the 15” Chrysler rallye wheels, I think they’re from summit if I recall correctly.