Bottom End Assembly And Tips



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Jun 7, 2010
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Bottom End Assembly And Tips

On this one, I just give some general assembly tips and suggestions regarding bearing clearance and whatnot. It's not really a How To, per say, but you get the idea. Pay attention to where I talk about how I assemble the rear main seal retainer. This is how I've always done it. It leaves little...

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RRR @RustyRatRod said something about yanking his channel after a difference of opinions in a thread the other day.
@chrgdrt Why the red X?

This is what I read....

"I wasn't trying to be petty with any of my comments. I have to look at everything through the lenses of a very limited budget, so I always zoom in on cost. Your question regarding "can it be done with stock casting heads" had already been answered more than once, so I felt no need to address that further. I wanted to make damn SURE you knew that following that path COULD get expensive QUICKLY and to simply be careful. Some people tried to tell me how I was "supposed" to answer and to me THAT was petty, so I fired back. My apologies to you however on your thread. I won't be giving any further advice here, on youtube or anywhere else. I pulled the plug on my youtube channel earlier tonight. From here on out, I'm just me in middle Georgia."
Something to be aware of that I have struck a few times now, twice on Chrys engines, when using H beam rods. The indents for the rod bearing shells are narrower than the indents on factory rods. The tang on the brg shell is too wide to fully seat the shell in the rod. Result can be wiped brgs. I grind/file the tangs to narrow them. Chinese I beam rods might be the same, not sure.