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Jan 2, 2009
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Vernon B.C
Hey Guys i was wondering where a good place to order a headliner would be for my 71 Demon....Its got 4 bows i believe(I didnt remove it which i wish i had now :banghead: ) because i have no idea how to install this thing I dont even know if all the parts i need are there other than the bows...IS there a kit i can order at the same time to make install new and easy???
I don't know of any kits, there likely should be something available. It's hard to order without knowing the number of bows you need. These where also color coded from the factory for proper placement.
Have you checked Auto Glass shops, they are usually helpful in that area.

For a bump.
Can't help you with the kit, but if you look along side the roof rails, you can look for the little triangle shaped pockets that the bows slip into. This will help you determine if you have all the bows. Then you can test fit them into the various pockets to determine which bows fit best in which location.

I bought my headliner from Dante's and had it professionally installed.
DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL YOURSELF You will want to commit suicide if you attempt this.....take it to a professional shop that has experience w/cloth headliners :hello2:

Thanks guys what am i looking at getting one installed cost wise so i dont get totally Jacked lol. Will only a apolstery shop install these or will some glass shops and stuff do this stuff?
The reason I suggested an auto glass place; is because it's much easier to install a headliner with the windshield and rear glass removed. One stop shopping.
make sure you measure the distances between the mounting points for the bows and draw a little picture so the supplier can put the seams in the right places and I don't know about the duster liner but the fastback barracuda needs to go in before the back glass
where could i get a abs liner for a 71 demon? thats something i could install cuz its like hard plastic style right??