Cast Crank main journal width… are these the proper bearings?


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Mar 12, 2022
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Richland, WA
Hey guys. I found this one post and I want to verify that I have the proper bearings for my slant six with a cast crank (1977).

i found this post here on the forums giving me the sizes for the bearings. And I’ll attach an image of me holding my bearings to a tape measure. I know that’s not the proper tool for measurements this fine, but it’s what I got. It comes in under an inch, so is this proper?


I recommend that even on a tight budget you buy
at Harbor Freight a cheap set of Manual Calipers!
You will be money and time way ahead in the long run.
For sure what Post #2 said…… You need to measure thousands of an inch ! It would really be the way to go !
Are you sure It's a 77 model engine?
Look up a set of bearings on one of the car parts stores websites and click on the specs tab that usually comes up, and that will tell you. Then look up a 75 or older one and compare.
I left out 76 intentionally because that was the changeover year, a 76 motor could have either/or.