Dale's Cuda Shop, Body Stripe Kit Deliveries to the Indy Cylinder Head Show

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    Dec 1, 2013
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    For you guys attending the Indy Cylinder Head Show, we can deliver all of the Dale's Cuda Shop product line to the show. We will be offering some special pricing on side stripe kits that will be available in limited quantities. There will be also some blem Go Wings and Tuff Wheels that we be making available. These pieces will have special pricing and will be non returnable. But with minimum effort, you can turn these great buys into top quality pieces.

    To ensure we can take care of your needs, please send me an email or a phone call if your needing to order a stripe kit due to colors or specific call outs. Example of pricing is as follows:
    69 Dart Swinger Tail Stripe: $90.00
    70 Dart Swinger Tail Stripe: $70.00
    71-72 Demon Side Stripe Kit: $115.00
    71-72 Demon Hood/Cowl Stripe Kit: $105.00
    68 Cuda Side Stripe Kit: $75.00
    69 Cuda Formula S Side Stripe Kit: $125.00
    70 Duster Side Stripe Kit: $125.00
    71-72 Duster Side Stripe Kit: $130.00

    If any questions or concerns, please drop me a message. For those not attending the show, we will offer the pricing to the FABO members for your support of the hobby.

    Richard O'Shields
    Ph. 404-643-5760
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