[FOR SALE] Discovered Cache of 1973 340 Thermoquad Carbs $175 Each

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Dec 12, 2009
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I moved a box and found four 1973 340 Automatic Thermoquads.
They have been in the shop since somewhere in the 70's
All shafts are tight and everything works as it should.
I have two 6319S and two 6340S
They are totally original and not messed with at all.
I would suggest putting a kit in them although they may
work as is.
I would at least check the floats and accelerator pump after
all these years.
I can send HD detailed pictures of any one you might wish to
purchase but no picture collectors please (I am Elderly and Sick).
$175.00 each
Plus $24. Priority Shipping and Insured in US.

Pictures will be posted by my son in next 10 minutes


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If both for 1973 auto why different numbers. What's the difference? I have the stock 1973 340 intake from my car but the carb was replaced by an AFB and adapter.
I may want one of these
Back home tomorrow and will get the ones paid for by check by Xmas
sent next couple days and post pictures of 6138 and any other left
next couple days.
Still one of each left.
I have been bedridden and not got any pics out
for a week or two.
My son got all paid for ones shipped.
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