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  1. my68barracuda

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    Dec 6, 2009
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    The door panel covers on the 68 Barracuda are actually in decent shape.
    It is the OE hardboard backing that the cover attaches to that is cracked and
    water damaged.
    This car has the deluxe interior so the door panels have the map pockets.
    I am going to try to re use the existing covers over new hardboard.

    One question that I have centers around the clips that hold the door panels to the door.
    The OE clips fit into a milled slot, without special tooling the slot looks like it would be difficult
    to duplicate. There is a photo posted below.

    Has anyone used modern panel clips like those shown on this link?
    Door & Trim Panel Clips

    I believe the ones with the 3/4 pie head screw in through a slot cut into the panel backing, there are others that may be two piece,, anyway looking at these,

    any input on the replacement panel clips or the panel renew process is appreciated.

    door panel.jpg
  2. 4spdragtop

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    Aug 28, 2009
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    11:54 AM
    I actually used velcro in some spots on door panels. Also used it to hold carpet to console. Worked pretty good.
  3. AAndrews

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    Nov 5, 2014
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    2:24 PM

    Hey My68 Barracuda,
    Here's a trick I used before that works well!
    Get some hard plastic sheet, (I actually used a small office garbage bucket !!) and cut up strips to fit the factory locations.. Cut a slot in the plastic strip and slide the original clip through it. Then, locate the exact location of the clip on the new hardboard you want to use and use a glue gun to attach the plastic strip and clip to the factory location on your new panel. This works fantastic, and, trust me, never detach again without tearing the whole panel apart !!
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