Eastern Shore VA/MD

hey I currently live in Portsmouth but my wife and I are relocating to Cape Charles / Oyster. I too was looking for mopar guys on the shore, have you had any luck? im looking for an engine builder
Not much in terms of engine builders up here that I'm aware of. There's a couple of speed shops around up my way, but you're more likely to find someone on here to build an engine for you or at least help you build it.
speed shops in Onancock?

I know of places on this side of the bridge, but I would like to keep my business on the shore if possible.
Up in Delmar actually. There's a place called the Metal Shop

Metal Shop has a storefront selling performance parts. As for the shop, not a speed shop. Wouldn't let them touch my work beater.

If you are really looking for a speed shop/fabricator, look up Drummond Race Cars in Laurel DE. But bring your checkbook.
Nope. Not much around here.