Engine popped back thru carb and died, no start issue


Barracuda 65

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Jul 14, 2016
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I was stopped at a light, engine idling fine, got ready to go, engine popped through the carburetor, died, and tried to restart but no response from the starter. key turns on and oil light comes on but no cranking or nothing with the switch. Can anyone help with an idea as to what happened?
Neutral safety switch? Put it in park, turn the key to on and jump the starter solenoid contacts with a screwdriver, coin or similar.
Loss of positive power. Battery, alternator, bad connections.
Fusible link can make sorta "pop" when it blows, and will shut off interior power.
You will find it on the engine side of the firewall, driver side, where all the wires go thru the firewall.
You can test it by trying to stretch it, it will often appear okay.
There are generally 2 links, and are tagged similar to picture below.
Good luck

It's a 4 speed and I don't remember seeing a fuseable link when I overhauled the engine.
I would be looking at the coil, points & cond, or ECU if elec ign.
It does have Petronix Electronic distributor set up. But I figured the ignition switch would least let it crank the starter. I'll try some of these recommendations and see what happens. Thanks for your input and help!
A sudden loss of power can make the coil fire at any random point causing the backfire, so I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in that having anything to do with the actual problem.

I would be looking at that distributor.

I had to come edit this.
No crank means no connection from the key, or no ground to the solenoid.

Try jumping the solenoid under the hood.
Then it’s probably either the ignition switch or neutral safety switch. If it has one.
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Well I checked all of the items recommended, checked connections, starter, etc. Found no definitive issue, so I tried to see if it would start. Fired right up, drove 15 miles , start and stop , and no problem at all.
I'm going to guess maybe a loose connection or wire. But thank all of you for your willingness to offer help! I really appreciate it!
Hopefully it won't embarrass you again. I have had a no start twice, embarrassing in front of people. It had something, for me, to do with ign. Something with the coil, ballast and or the chrome module. Ended up being a bad coil. But I think about it every time I have people around when I start the car. Try and remember the area that changed things. That's the trouble with doing several things at a time, when it works, your not sure which one was the problem. I do this all the time! So if it happens again......
Had exact same problem with a Pert module. Died suddenly....but started after engine cooled down.
Owner no longer trusted the Pert & switched to HEI. Going well now, well over 10 yrs.
I would go over it and check to see all main ground and power connections are tight and clean.
id take solenoid lose from fender, clean where it grounds threw fender and bolt it down good and tight!!! these ol mopars worset ive ever seen for bad ground issues!!
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