European A-body owners: where are you?

Always been a 'Big-block' person since owning my first Mopar in the early 80's.

Went down to Brighton marina and was blown away by the row of Superbirds there!
I opened my hood to show my 'massive' 318ci (as it was my first V8) and it was sort of 'laughed at'...
Most folks there had Big Blocks and highly tuned as well...

So the following year I found a rusted-out Jensen Interceptor and 'swapped-out' the 383ci and 727.
Drove really badly after that and was way too fast for the skinny 14inch rims and tyres lol...

That wonderful RHD Barracuda 'convert' was a 'chic-magnet' though...

Brighton-Birds 1983-84.jpg
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I had dreams of reproducing my first Mopar, by buying this rare example from Andy in Scotland.

I missed out on the sale when it was 'down South' and now she was way up in the North!

But I have too many projects already (''the wife says'') so I missed out again last year...

RHD Cuda in the UK.jpg

Hopefully the new owner will 'do her justice' and restore her to perfection...
It would be nice to find all the RHD A-body Mopars!

There is a wonderful early Cuda in Singapore and still trying to track down my old fastback too HNF 2E...

RHD Cuda in Singapore.jpg

HNF 2E Cuda.jpg
There was a time when 318ci engines and RHD Mopars were seen as NON-American Muscle?

Had to be LHD and a 340ci to be 'so called' lol...

SLL 29F 68 Cuda Cath's.jpg

OPN 9F Cuda.jpg
I have a 1965 Barracuda Formula S with the 273 engine located in Northern Norway… But driving season is only about 5 months a year here…

Supercoolio AW-100.

Great number plate and nice period wolfrace wheels too!

I was offered a 4-speed 65 Cuda in LA-Cali about ten years ago for $4000.
Been kicking myself ever since for NOT buying...

Get some snow tyres and drive her all year round lol...
I’ve actually gotten the old steelies refurbished this summer, so now I‘m back to steel wheels with authentic aluminium wheel covers…

Nice one Aw-100.

Either way you have one fine MOPAR!

Have you ever seen Bob Riggle and his 65 Cuda?
I have met him many times over the years, here at Goodwood and in California.
The nicest Moparman on the Planet...

I was gonna build a 'homage' to his fine car, but you know how it goes lol...

Bob Riggle Cuda.jpg
if you can do this with you 65, then YOU is the MAN lol.

I got the 426 hemi engine, just need a good 65 shell now...

Bobs 65 Cuda.jpg
took the green machine out last weekend to a meet havn't driven it for about a year and it ran a treat thank goodness



Got myself a new project, a 69, slant and a supposed to be a 4sp, all locked up so couldn't check it...mostly complete but rust in usual places, been outside for 10+ years.



Probably do some mecanics to make it a running and driving car, it is to rare to part out I think. Problem is that it has no registration papers with it, so it will be difficult to get it registered over here. Owner died but I know where he got the car so maybe I have a chance over there...
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UK here, '73 Duster with slightly modded 360 and Ford 9" rear end :thumbsup:
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