Found an interesting find at O’Reilly auto



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Jul 5, 2005
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North Franklin, CT
I’m not to too many collectables, but today I stopped in to OReilly auto parts and found this gem and had to buy it. $9.99

Possible $9 too much but the detail was pretty good. Even little Power Wagon decals in the bird bath hood.



A word about Auto stores. I had to change my battery in my 2013 Honda Odyssey and it's in a tight spot. So I thought a battery strap would be the solution. None of the local stores had one, Auto Zone, Advance Auto, Napa or O'reilly's. Since these guys all sell batteries you would think they would have them. But no, so Ebay got my $10 for me to get one. Somebody had the $20 tong like battery remover.
Sadly, "parts stores" are no longer "parts stores." We have an outfit here called "Motion," and it is employee owned. They do have computers, but the computer programs are much different than the "Google like" crap at Oh' Really?s. And they also have paper racks right there on the counter!!! Those guys AND girls!! were very helpful during the Cummins 4x4 conversion.

Last few times I've not had a built in strap on a battery, I used a pair of big box end wrenches. Point one across the top of the battery, point the other AWAY from the battery, and REALLY be careful of shorts!!!
They also had a Christmas ornament with the same casting in it, m2 has a few variants of it out (including a hauler set).
I spent the last 3 years of my working career in auto parts, and I absolutely hated it. I never felt like that in 40 years of being a mechanic. Mediocracy at its best.