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Feb 28, 2010
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This destined for a 318
What's the difference between the fel pro 17050 "marine" head gaskets and the regular "car" ones?
I know fel pro also has a "heavy duty" head gasket version too. Somehow the "9898" part number ( actually spec'd for the 360 I believe) comes to mind.
Daily driver, small cam, build along the lines of the "very mild 360" thread build.
Are there different holes in the marine gasket that aren't in the pass car gaskets or vise versa? Made from different material? Different thickness?
Any reason "Marine" head gaskets won't work for a 78 block that's getting '302 heads?
Or even if they will work any reason why they either should or shouldn't be used?
Found some on eBay and had one on my watch list and they sent me an "offer"
Their listing price was $40 with free shipping, they sent me an offer for $30 shipped. Unfortunately only one at that price. I bought it and another that was $40 shipped from someone else. Seems nobody has more than 1 but there's 4 or 5 people selling 1 here and 1 there.
Some for lots more.
I believe the marine and industrial heads have extra cooling to the spark plugs and ex valve area. I know this to be true on the big blocks, there are extra holes on the lower edge of the gskts and heads .
If there were no holes in the block and/or head, the holes in the gasket wouldn't matter ? ?
I never said I "had to have" them, I wasn't thinking that way originally but they just kind of came up, more of a curiosity than anything.
The head and cam swap are happening no matter what, I just saw what might be an opportunity to somehow make the swap better...
This car sits more than not, I guess that's the main reason I thought these marine head gaskets might be a good idea "since they happened to pop up"
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Trying to get more info on these gaskets and had a hit from rock auto, figures I could have gotten them cheaper there, but with added RA shipping and these having free shipping the difference between them isn't that bad.... Still would have been cheaper at RA though.
If the gaskets are the thin shim steel type, the 'Marine' gaskets might be s/stainless steel to reduce corrosion. I know Mancini used to sell s/s gaskets for the BB because I bought some.
Well that went bust. The seller that made me the offer of $30 when their original price was $40 now "can't find" the HG that started me asking...
I bought a matching one from another seller,
I'll have to hit up RA for $18 "clearance" for the other one... Hopefully the other stuff I've been wanting to get from RA can be had from the same shipping point.
I have a regular 318 head gasket here (not "marine") since I'm not getting much action /replies on them when that one gets here I guess I'll put them up against each other and see if I can see a difference.
I don't know what the differences between the head gaskets are, but I do have a 360 marine head out in the garage if you would like me to take a picture to compare cooling holes?
Check on ebay;
35 shipped

28 ths compressed


For the 318 cylinder bores. Not the universal 318/360 larger diameter.

Been wanting to get other stuff from RA anyhow which I just did to "water down" the shipping cost, so I'll have 2 full sets of the marine ones.
I looked up the standard fel pro head gaskets there and price wise these marine ones are only a couple of bucks more than the standard fel pros. Without closeout prices the marine's were about double compared to the standard ones.
They also show a "severe duty" for a 318. All listed for the 318 show same bore sizes as each other.
For the marine ones you have to put the PN in the "universal look up" section for them to come up

Of what I saw somewhere I found a description of their marine ones, the core on these are"300 series stainless" but didn't specify 304, 316, or exactly what. They are slightly thinner than the normal "perma torque" ones ...
Here are two 1987 cylinder heads, the lower rust one from a marine 360 with the casting #848, and a upper one a #302 head.
There doesn't appear to be any difference in the cooling holes


I got these head gaskets for a mild 318 build. They are .027 compressed, and a 4.040 bore size. I believe the Mr Gasket ones are a 4.140 bore size