Hello from Texas

Welcome from New Mexico.

Love your Tee designs.
Do you do custom stuff, such as if I were to come up with my own design?...what format would you need the layout in to go from?

I maybe able to "help" with the design, trying to put someone elses thoughts down in the past has been unfruitful

I did three killer designs for a guy, aka "friend" worked on the project for over 10 hours and trust me they were cool (chebbie content)

He didn't like them so all my effort was for naught

I don't print the shirts I have a guy in Mich that does that for me

Each screen set up is $100.00 so if its 3-4 colors , the set up is $400.00

Then you have to order at least 50 shirts for 1st run

It can tally up pretty fast , I have at least $4000.00 in shirts on my shelf as i type this :scratch:

The pushbutton shirts I have done very well with, the turbo shirts too

Black outsells white 3-1
I got one of his "Blo-me" shirts, Nice quality too!

I walked up to Radioshack and reached for the door and a small, lets say late 50's Lady is exiting the same door. As I opened it for her she had this "Really" happy look on her face and was laughing pretty good. I forgot that I was wearing this particular t-shirt! She actually responded with "I realllllly like your shirt!!" You shoulda seen the look on my Pops face behind me!! LoL!! Talk about an "Awkward" moment!! LoL