high impact colors with small engines

back when these high impact colored cars were available new, the vast majority of buyers wanted to look sporty or look fast without the hassel from the insurance co! not everyone opted to buy the higher hp engines, but if they had a favorite color then that is what they ordered.

I had a friend that ordered new a 70 roadrunner, slime green, with a three speed! his dad wouldn't let him have a 4 speed. little did dad ever know JR quickly changed it over to a 4 speed!! LOL
I had several of them back then, a '70 Duster 318 in hemi orange, (export car with an 8 3/4 rear too! and I parted it out since I didn't have a title!:eek:ops:), a /6 Duster in the same color (had the window sticker for that one!), a '71 Challerger 'vert with a 318 in curious yellow, all come to mind right now. I was going to buy a plum crazy /6 Demon and a plum crazy 318 Dart Swinger from a buddy but he crushed them! :violent1: :wack:
Bought my '72 Rallye Red/white interior Duster new, shortly after I graduated from high school. 318/auto. Rallye Red was not a high impact color, but I thought it was the best looking one on the lot. I would have really liked a 340 car, but wasn't in the budget. Payment wasn't much higher, insurance was double. That was a deal breaker.
EV2 and to a lesser extent FY1 were fairly popular colors on all sorts of cars through 72.

A friend owned a 70 318 Challenger that was Plum Crazy with white top and int from the factory.

He HATED that and painted it blue with black top and int.

Years later he sold me a 73 318 Duster that was lemon Twist for the factory.

He HATED that and had it painted...ready?...Plum Crazy!
I had a 1971 Dodge Demon that was original Citron Yella with a 318 / 904 / 7 1/4 rearend some 20 years ago. Looked great!

It was a very cool colour. So nice in fact that my best friend painted his 1969 Pontiac GTO the same colour years later because he liked it so much.
I remember in the 80s seeing a 70 duster in the junkyard. It was a 3 speed floor shift car, slant six, black bench seat, but it was pkum crazy purple.
This was my 1970 dart 20 years ago. Just found it on craigs list. It looks the same as the day I sold it. Go green slant six auto collum shift. Black top black bench seat.


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