High quality country music

Thanks for your important review , I myself enjoy almost every type of music because I'm not closed mind like some

I know some people did not like Willie Nelson, but I thought he was pretty good.
Always thought his tempo was non-standard but still like'm. He wrote a lot of great songs that other folks recorded as well.

My good friends daughter was listening to a song one day. My friend asked her what group group was singing the song? She replied "Cross Canadian Ragweed dad. Haven't you ever heard of CCR"! My friend liked to have burst a gut when he said, "CCR my a$$. Come hear young lady and I'll play your generation some real CCR"!

I know this wasn't a country comment but it brought back a funny memory.
I like most every Genre of music , not a fan of opera .. I open my mind to other things
don't bash those don't like what I do ..
My suggestion is listen to some of the songs posted, you will find that there are some songs you might like ..
Also like other music and play some guitar myself. I like to play gospel, blues, country, bluegrass, western swing and southern rock. I don't really go for heavy metal stuff though. Lot's of good stuff listed here. Figured I would have ran across some Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys listed on here by now? Maybe I missed it.
There is no higher quality.