how much to pay for 7 1/4 sure grip and where to find one



Aaron Grimes
Nov 7, 2009
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London Ky
I would love to put an 8 3/4 in my car but can't afford it.and 8 1/4 I'd need new rims

Anyway, my main goal is lower gears. First is it near impossible to get one with 3.23 gears and if you find one what is it worth and are all going to be sure grip if they have lower gears.
(i know a guy that has one but he doesn't want to get rid of it) so I'd it worth bugging him or can they be found possible on FABO and if he would sell it.what would be fair. I'm not too afraid of 7 1/4 as I've given mine hell for 4 years with no issues with a crate 360 ...

I just want a faster take off because that is more fun than cruising90 mph in these old cars
Sorry for grammer, I'm I my phone posting. Also thanks in advance for any advice, it's appreciated
Apparently they were an option because a few members here have had them and posted pictures. One was for sale several years ago on FABO. Hard to find piece.
I have a posi from a 65 B-cuda. I kinda want to hold on to it.

Not Mine but saw his post earler

cdummer43 on mopars has one for sale
Loc: WI, USA

A-body 7-1/4” complete posi rear end with shafts and 323 gears for slant six cars. (came out of a 76 Duster) $100
Pictures upon request!
**Buyer pays for all shipping costs, small or over sized!**
Buyer also responsible for 4%paypal fee.

I had 2 centers and sold them. The center chunk is worth 300 to 350 alone. I bought 8 3/4 replacements so I can swap gears if I wish.
sure grip 7 1/4 is worth a little bit, under $300 but they still have very tiny parts inside comparted to the 8 1/4 axle, and there are quite a few gears and options available for 8 1/4
I don't think I'd want one. Even with a six, I would worry that if it hooked, it might break!
The 7 1/4 suregrips go for about $400 on eBay. Our 73 Dart has one behind a 318, go figure. The 66 Formula S had one with 3.23 gears, long gone. Keep your eye out you may find one for a good price. Good Luck