i need an overall opinion on a msd 6a



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Apr 15, 2007
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ok so i ran across a good deal on a msd 6a box brand new, but i want to know what i will gain from it? ive got a 360 with 9.8-1 comp. a 292-480 lift lunatti bracket master cam, m1 dual plane, 3.91's stock heads there like 73cc but i will be changing to j heads in about a month, 4 speed. i was talking to my old auto shop teacher and he swears by them, i do like the idea of a rev limiter but i dont think a 6a even has one, if im right you have to go to a 6al to get the rev limiter, so what do you think?
I run the 6a. I don't race or shift often at overly high RPMs. Even though I really wanted the 6al I have found for the price it's an excellent piece of gear. I have had no problems at all with it!

Great for instant starting -
Good for improved gas milage..(less waste, complete burn)...depending how ya drive.
and ya..I'm not afraid to say they look kind of cool..
I noticed a much better idle quality when I went to multispark. I'm using Mallory 685. If you have a bigger than stock camshaft, the multi spark is a definite plus.
If ya run the 6a make sure you run the correct msd coil. Not all coils are created equal. You can add on a rev limiter to the box.
I've got the 6 AL system with a Master Blaster 2 coil and it works great. I'm not sure how much better it is as it was included as part of an engine rebuild. I've got the 5500 chip in!
I like my 6a. No more Ceramic resitor thingy ( man I used to go through a lot of those things) you can gap you plugs at like .050 (Bigger Spark). I think the MSD, and the Smaller more powerful dakota starter were the best two upgrades you can make for easier Starting!
The multi spark box's are an excellent item to not gain, but rather recover what the lesser ignitions lose out on. Under 3,000 RPM where they multi spark, it is a great helper in;

making the most of your fuel.
better starting
better running
more mileage

If you get a good box go with it. Just leave your stock ignition intacked just incase it fails. That way you just unhook the distributor and plug it back into the OE set up and go.

For surley open up those plug gaps! I went to .055. I may have been able to go further with a gain to be seen.
You'll also probably reset your idle down some.