Leaving Feedback after buying or selling to another member

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Apr 24, 2005
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We have a feedback system on this site for items purchased through a sale or wanted thread. If you buy something from a member behind the scenes through a personal message you won't be able to leave feedback.

Its purpose is so that if you buy or sell something to another member, you can indicate the level of satisfaction you have with the transaction. This is so we can have a better idea of which members deserve to be trusted.

The way feedback is given is after you have completed your transaction, simply go back to the for sale thread and click the ADD FEEDBACK link under the member's name.


A box will pop up where you can select if you were the buyer or seller, your level of satisfaction and explanation about why your leaving the feedback. You don't need to add the URL as that is now automatically entered.


I encourage you to leave feedback so others can know if the member is trustworthy.

I also encourage you to be fair and reasonable in your feedback.
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