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    Dec 21, 2009
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    6:46 PM
    So last year I put together my own little junkyard gem. It is a magnum 360 out of a 01 ram with 12k mile. I did all the basic stuff to put it in my Scamp. But I left the long block stock. Its got one of those generic airgaps and a 650 speed demon carb. I got a really good deal on the cam, roller lifters, valve springs and retainers from a 390 hp crate motor.
    288°/292° Advertised Duration (230°/234° Duration @ .050") 0.501"/0.513" Lift

    So is anyone else one here running a similar set up? How does it run?

    71 Scamp 3400lbs w/ driver
    904 with 9.5" PTC converter
    4.30's with 26" tall drag radials
    Headers w/ 3" exhaust

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