[WANTED] Mopar Performance ECU P5249546

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Oct 3, 2008
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Hey everyone,

Super quickly: does anyone have a Mopar Performance ECU for the 1994 5.9 they would be willing to sell me? Part number P5249546.

Super long version: I recently finished installing a 5.9 Magnum from a 1994 B350 van into my 1970 Dart Swinger. I used the full factory EFI system, but unfortunately the guy that sold me the engine wanted to keep the 46RH for his 700+ horsepower big block Duster ("but autopar, that trans won't fit on a big block!" Well, that's another story.)

So I have ended up with the following in my Swinger:
- 1994 Magnum 5.9
- Long tube headers into 2.5 inch exhaust
- Hughes cam SER0814ALN-14 and spring kit (https://www.hughesengines.com/Index/products.php?browse=search&search=0814&partid=30212)
- Super mild porting on the heads. I only removed the most ridiculous bumps and restrictions.
- Lapped the valves, they all sealed beautifully.
- Fixed the blown out plenum gasket.
- Removed the EGR and EVAP system (I probably would have kept it if it wasn't such a mess of tubes and vacuum lines).
- 904 transmission.
- 3.23 gear in an 8.75 Sure Grip diff with 27" tires.

Since the car is a solid 1200 pounds lighter than a RAM 1500, it goes pretty good. The engine doesn't fall on its face at higher RPM, and it keeps pulling up to the 5000 rpm rev limiter. But like Billy Idol's companion in Rebel Yell, I'm crying out for MORE, MORE, MORE. I've heard the Mopar Performance computer I'm looking for will move the limiter up and it will mess with the timing and injector pulse width to give me a little more jam.

After I had it all together I learned about the kegger mod where you can shorten the runners a little. I'm sort of glad I haven't done that yet, because I'm thinking that would move the power band up and past the rev limiter. I'm hoping someone on this forum has one of these computers sitting on a shelf, waiting for a future project that might never happen.

Thanks for reading,
I figured this would be a long shot, but if anyone would have one of these it's a fabo member. Still looking...
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