need Clutch Rod



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Jul 16, 2004
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San Diego
I need a the clutch rod eye-bolt adjuster that slips into the clutch fork,
I can't remember the correct name of this. The eye-bolt section slips
around the linkage and the threaded end pushes through the clutch fork.
You 4 spd. guys will know what I mean. Anyways my clutch pedal on
my Duster will not pop back -up all the way the last 1/2 inch and it makes this
awful chattering noise until I kick the pedal upwards. My friend at the
tranny shop said this clutch rod.. that's what it is why could'nt I remember
that a paragraph ago. Any one got one lying around.???
do you me the clutch adjusting rod? it connects to the z-bar and then to the fork.
if so mopar sells a kit i believe with all the correct hardware clips etc to help may even want to try a longer rod if possible.
hi orangedust
after i got home from work i checked and indeed i do have an extra clutch adjusting measures 71/2 inches if my earlier reply won't help then maybe this will.i'm about 2 hours north of you.send me your address and i'll get it out to you if you'd like