[SOLD] NOS chrome remote driver side rally rallye outside mirror dart duster valiant scamp

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Nov 27, 2010
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Drums, PA
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I have for sale a a chrome remote driver side rally mirror for a-body....from bottom of mirror to the toggle the cable measures 17 inches long....including the toggle it is about 19-1/2 inches long.....part number inside base is 3548617....judging by the length of the cable this mirror WILL NOT work on a duster or dart sport...the cables for those are longer.....this will only work on a dart scamp valiant or any other A-body with the wing vent window in the drivers door.... ..I bought this advertised as a NOS piece but did not come in a box with a dealers name and part number on it......So I am unsure if it is NOS or a rechromed original...I am leaning toward a rechromed original but not sure...........the chrome is very nice....the head is a little loose on the base.....not sure if it can be tightened up or not?? The cables, gasket, and toggle look like new..........125.00 + shipping....I have no use for it so it has to go.....sold all my A-bodies.....postal M.O. works for me.....located in Drums PA

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