O.k. So I was wrong. Here is my 69 Charger *LOTS O PICS*



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Mar 10, 2005
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Saratoga Springs, NY
I guess there are some people interested in what happened to my Charger. It's a long trek but I'm going to cheat a little.

When I bought my Charger some years ago I was happy. I've always wanted one of these cars and finally got it. The Car was nice, but not 100% of what I wanted. The body was fairly solid but had some mud in it and well, wasn't as finished as I would have liked it. So I desided. I'm going to tear apart a prefectlly good running Charger and Do it the way I wanted.

I'm going to cut and paste all the progress posts from some of the other boards I was on... So some of it may sound a little wierd out of context. Just remember I was posting as I was working.

Now, First i'm going to say. I wanted something unique, but also something fun. I didn't want to do another General Lee. So I cloned something a little more .... well, something only a Mopar guy / Old movie guy would get.

Yes. I did the "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" Charger.

Started Nov 19, 2006
So here goes.

Well. The Charger is getting a new change. The new 360 motor has been sold and the car is getting ready to go Big Block

Ace and I tore the girl apart. It's going to get the right body work now and a new coat of paint. The engine compartment is going to get detailed and all wires and vacuum lines relocated.

The vinal top is coming off, and she will most likely stay a hard top.

here we go again



The car was more solid then I thought




Dec 30, 2006
well, Progress is being made, the vinyl is off and the roof is good, some sail panel repair was needed and the rear window had to come out. I had to weld in a few small pieces of new metal for the area, but nothing bad, I've been working on keeping it nice and smooth back there. I do not have plans on putting a new top on it.

The engine compartment has been media blasted and stripped. there were several layers of paint and primer in there not to mention it was black. well, not anymore. it will be painted as a mopar should be, body color

here are some more progress pics



Jan 2, 2007
More sanding and smoothing, basicly the whole drivers side is close. engine compartment is stripped, now for some more sanding...


and more sanding


and more sanding.


Jan 15, 2007
it's been awhile, so here goes. A lot has been removed and done, besides a few small spots, The car will be in primer soon, at least the backhalf of it. I haven't worked on the fenders yet
The engine compartment is pretty much striped and cleaned, Steering box removed and a few other items. All the harness holders have been cut, and the inner fenderwalls smoothened out. I'll be re-routing all wires and vacuum lines around the engine bay, I'm a sucker for a clean look.
The rest of the body seems straight, after a few coats of primer we'll find out. I found a few spots that the car needed some major help, both rear quarters needed some work. I removed some of the old filler, banged out some dents and used a lot less filler to skim coat. The roof is perfect, I ordered some filler for the lead sections and we'll be squared away with that







Feb 16, 2007
O.k. It's been about 3 weeks and no progress was made, I threw out my back again and with work and Kayleighs birthday partys it's been a bit since I could get back into the Garage.

But I did last night. more sanding, have a lot of the car to where it needs to e, started on the drivers side fender, Filled the seams on the rear quarter and roof line with all metal <A aluminum Bondo used for joints> and the rear valance.



Mar 6, 2007

Well, I took this week off for vacation and we'll see some real progress on the Charger this week, It's at my friends "Vintage Motorsports" Bodyshop, and i'm working 8+ hour days to make the most I can out of this car this week....

I have no pics from today because my batterys died, but here she is yesterday.



Mar 7, 2007
What a day…

Well, the more you dig the more you find, the guys and I spent the day fixing some unexpected rust we found, cut out the old, put in the new. Did more sanding and cleaned up the engine compartment. At some point in this cars life she had some work on the front, old welds were not even close to being nice and clean…. Don’t get me wrong, they worked, but I like a nice neat compartment… here are some pictures of todays progress..





Mar 11, 2007

She's sanded all down, Patched up, and babys in primer.



Mar 24, 2007

Arms hurt from block sanding :( damn this car is big, But the engine compartment is painted. WHOOHOO!


Apr 1, 2007
More sanding, more priming, more sanding, more priming

Apr 19th, 2007

After all the unexpected surprises, Sanding, priming, sanding priming, she got her paint yesterday.

I'll be taking her back home most likely this weekend to start the assembly prossess.

The doors are sanded and almost ready for primer, Then the motor and drive train will be put into the car.

Looks like she just may be ready in a few more weeks. The stripes are in a box. all the new seals, and badging is here. only thing I forgot to order was the trunk seal :blush:






Apr 21, 2007

New poper plant.



May 28th

It’s been awhile since I did an update. But there has been a ton going on in my life. The car was still being worked on; I just didn’t have time to post up with any good information. So here we go. Less Body work in this update. I’ve been working on the cars heart and soul

First I started with rewiring the car’s harness. I wanted a nice, clean, uncluttered look under the hood. so I disassembled the harness, extended most of the wires and rerouted them all around the engine compartment. A few holes and grommets, and I think I got what I wanted out of it. I relocated all the electronic ignition stuff inside the car behind the glove box. Should stay nice in there, I still have to fasten down the harness however

The Interior is mostly back together, and the motor is taking shape.

I freshened up the motor, But a nice healthy Cam in her, and cleaned the heads up real nice, Deburred and smoothened them out a bit. The Motor is mostly together now, I’m still short a few parts, little odds and ends, and of course, before it goes back on, it gets sand blaster, cleaned, and painted.

I decided to give the motor a unique look, The Motor is the exact same color as the car, all accessories will be Black, and I love the model look.





Jun 16, 2007
Time for another update. Alots been done in the last month or so.

The 440 is built and sitting pretty, she was fired up 2 days ago as a test and shut right down. I’m now in the middle of all the little stuff. Trannie lines, kick down cable, clamps, and some other odds and ends.

The rear end has been upgraded with a sure grip 3.91 setup sitting by it is a 3 inch dual exhaust system connected to a set of flow master 40 series.

The doors and deck lid are done and on the car. Fenders will now be worked on.

So far so good, I’m behind my personal schedule, but it’s getting done

Now for the pics!




Aug 5th, 2007
O.k. I'm just going to throw up some pictures of where the car is at now and update a bit later with more actual progress pictures and some storys.

So here she is at Aug 5th. I'm working out a engine problem right now so I don't have a lot of time. But here she is.



Aug 6, 2007
here are some pics from today.




Aug 14, 2007

Even though it's not done, I brought it to a local car show. A friend of mine as a SICK sence of humor.


Aug 15, 2007
well, half the car is done and we were unable to finish the other side. BUT for those that saw the movie Dirty Marry Crazy Larry ... well... Our local orchard likes the movie and let me take some pics.




Sept, 2007

The car is basiclly done, as done as a car can get, all the stickers, The right hood, and a few little things are done. So here is the car with my Friends Cop car. a 72 Polara, the same cop car that chaced mine in the movie. Enjoy.




Yes it is, For Dodge it's Citron Yella, but they are the same color ;)

The last 4 Pics we're in the DMCL getup for a reason. Hopefully latter this month I can explain why :D
awesome pictures, good job on the body work, I like it that you went and did what you like and not another general lee. :thumbup:
Awesome color. Here are some pic's of my 69 back 2 years later from rotissiere and paint.








Nice work and the Charger looks awesome.=D&gt;
I like the picture in the young apple orchard!!
It brings back some old memories.:-D
About what year was that movie? I don't think I ever saw it.

Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry had to be 30 or more years ago.

Dam nice work on those Chargers boys, I'm almost getting all misty since I used to run Chargers back in the old days.:-D

That is so F***ing cool! You are truly a sick and twisted individual! :toothy10:
About what year was that movie? I don't think I ever saw it.

Great movie! It came out in 1974. Had Peter Fonda, Vic Morrow, Susan George, & Adam Roarke. I remember watching it at the theatre whith my brother when it was first released & I've seen it a few times on TV. I have a book that says it was released on video tape. Don't know if it's available on DVD.

Khyron, I love your car. You did the movie proud.
thats a whole lot of stuff that has happend since i saw your chareger the last time on this site....
looks great!
Thanks guys. Comments like the ones above make all the hard work 100% worth it :D

Yes, the movie was 1974 and Yes it's available on DVD, you can actually find it at any FYE as well. it's in the $14 rack heheheh

It's amazing how many people recognize the car at local shows and at some hangouts around here. My buddy with the Polara and I have started to do shows together, we have a few pictures and old movie posters we display as well. it's a ton of fun.

I'm hoping to have some more fun with the Dart as well, I'm going to fix up the drive train and brake system and my mom will drive it around for the summer. But expect next winter for me to post up like I did for the Charger, I'll be tearing into that Dart with just as much passion :D

God I love doing this stuff heheh

BTW: for those that don't know the movie, here are a few screen shots of the movie when The CHP Cop car was chasing the Charger. You'll see why My friend Mark and I go to shows together. The biggest difference is His is an actual retired Cop car.



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Awesome token B-body :thumbsup: