RB lovers, have a look at this

Nice car. 390 hose 413. I bet it moves right along!

Specs: 1963-1964 with 2 × 4-Barrel Carbs Max Brake Horsepower: 390 @ 4800 rpm Max Torque: 530 @ 3600 rpm Compression: 10.1

This motor in a Chrysler 300 had this cam in it:
Valve Lift I&E .430"
Duration I&E 268°
Valve Overlap 48°, Intake opens 20° B.T.D.C., Exhaust closes 28° A.T.D.C.
Great cars, always wanted one ,French styling, Rolls build quality, reliable Mopar power, but someone is buying up all the ones in the States, and jacking prices.