[SOLD] Real Nice ( Dry Desert) 1970 Duster H Code(56K Miles) $5,950.

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I found one taillight and the side marker lights
I will look for the other one = 5000' Shop full of stuff
to the 2 nd floor
Look at the Picture = It is a pretty nice Rust Free Car.
No patches or rust repair needed at all!!
Plus a big savings on free delivery.
Sorry : I am a Gold Member and was just renewed
This week. I do not know what happened!!
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I cannot believe that this has not sold.
A nice car that is not a rust bucket and very
collectable and low miles!!
Will deliver for Gas Money
However, If I have to go back East it is probably going to
be too cold to stay in my car pretty soon and weather
would be a challenge in my truck and trailer = I am in my mid 70s
so delivery would be limited to about 700 Miles from Nevada pretty
soon. I would give someone a really good deal if they could
pick it up or arrange delivery on their own.
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I will still deliver 600/700 miles for gas money in
my enclosed trailer. I just do not want to fight the snow
back East at my age. Or I might adjust the price down to cover 1/2 the
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I will drop this really nice straight rust free Duster 340 to $3,950 =
To help pay the shipping expenses which would not be cheap.

I would sell the Rear end Drum to Drum with brake lines and
the fluted drums for $ 1,950,00 It is factory Suregrip (3 1/4 to 3 1/2 turns
best that I can tell) and only 56,000 Miles. The man I bought it from stated
3:55 but I am told the fender tag indicates 3:23 and it appears to have never
been apart!

Then I would part the rest of it out but it would sure be a shame!
It is a nice car and has the torque boxes that only a 340 Stick car
came with.

The suspension all looks original as still very nice and tight and steering
has no play!
If you decide to part it out, I would like to purchase the complete dash assembly.
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