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Sep 18, 2008
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Classic Industries shifter rods
• Part #MA2331 supposedly work on these vehicles.
• 1968-69 Barracuda
• 1968-72 Dart
• 1968-72 Valiant
• 1970-72 Duster
• 1970-72 Swinger
• 1970-72 Scamp
• 1971-72 Demon

I purchased these a while ago new in the box from a private party. Attempted to use them but there is no way they will work. The rods don’t line up. Called classic industries and they said they had not had any issues and had sold thousands of these sets. They also stated there was nothing they could do anyway because I did not buy them new. (which I understand) If you have purchased these before and know how to use a torch to bend them correctly have I got a deal for you. If not i would just purchase the correct rods from brewers which fit perfectly. Give them a call they are very friendly to deal with and you will be money ahead especially if you have a swear jar.
Again there is no way these will work on your a833. You could mount them on the wall. Possibly use them to hold paper down on your desk. Sell them to a neighbor that you don’t like and tell them they fit a T10. Tape them to pens at your work so nobody steals them. It is up to you.
$50.00 plus shipping
Thanks Sam
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