Slant 6 in Buffalo NY Junkyard


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Aug 23, 2023
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I didn't know where to put this, as I'm not selling it and there's no website ad. So if this is the wrong spot I apologize. There's 77 Volare at the M&M U Pull outside Buffalo NY. Row 17. I picked it it for the body parts I could use, but there's a Slant 6 under the hood
Car is not in good shape and I don't know if any of you slant 6 fans can use any parts off this thing. It's pretty crusty and I don't have the time to deal with ripping the engine out

Was the grill in decent shape?
That might be worth your time to get as good grills for those cars are tough to find.
No sticker, but the air cleaner looks big enough to be a super six setup.
No sticker, but the air cleaner looks big enough to be a super six setup.
That's what someone was saying on the FMJ site. I figured I'd try and give it the best chance to live on by throwing it over here.
You guys are funny. The wing nut on the air cleaner was seized tight. This is the salt belt. Someone would need an awful lot of heat and time to get this apart
A pair of pliers should help with the wing nut, I e never seen one of those break.
Guys, I was passing this along in case someone else had the time and wanted the parts. I had hands on this car. I know what PB Blaster is :rolleyes:
If I had the time, I'd roll up & grab it, might even have another unicorn head...never know!!