Smallest Tire and Backspace Help

Tires and Wheels (Mopar Hubcaps Too)

  1. matthon

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    Aug 29, 2008
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    12:48 PM
    67 Barracuda currently has on the front, over KH disc:

    14x6 Cragars, 4.125 backspace, with 215/70/R14.

    Cragars are rusted, buying new tires.

    I have another nice set, 14x6, a smaller backspace, 3.75 or 4, with 205/70/R14.

    Measured the backspace last night and unfortunately going by memory. I only see 3.5 on summit, but these wheels are older, dated 03 I believe.

    Both fit without issues, no rubbing. The 205 seem to be easier with the manual steering but they are close to baloney skins.

    Unable to locate info on whether a 215 will fit without issues on the shorter backspaced wheel, anyone have this combo?

    Also, I have one 5.5 wheel for a spare, what's the smallest tire you can mount on a 14x5.5 wheel?

  2. Dana67Dart

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    Jul 16, 2017
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    10:48 AM
    For spare... I found a 67 Barracuda 14 x 4.5 and a Firestone F560 (from Cooker tire) 14x145 (or was it 155) is a little short but fits in the spare tire well flush with the trunk floor. Watch out for limited slip / locking diff with two diff diameter tires.
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