Stage V casting number



Mar 10, 2006
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Las Vegas
Hello all.

I'm looking for the correct casting number for the Mopar stage V cast iron head sold under part number P4529993. This is the head cut for 2.14/1.81 valves.

I've read it is the same as the P4529992 head, the 2.08/1.74. I need conformation from an owner or builder prior to purchase.

The number should be 4532287

Can anybody confirm this for me?


BTW. If anybody knows where to find a new or uncut set of the "no longer available" p4529992 head I would appreciate the info.

I believe the cating number is the same as one set of heads just has bigger valves & everything else is the same. That's what the mopar engine book has listed anyway. I have a set of cast iron mopar stage 4 heads, & the casting number on them is 3614476.
stage 5 head is basically a factory 452head with slightly revised ports and more material around the intake port to allow for more porting. performance level is only slightly better than a factory 452 casting to a stock head and doesnt offer much more power potential.unless you want a new casting or class rules require them.porting will offer lil improvement.the additional material will require the use of special intake rocker arms with additional pushrod offset to move the pushrod away from the port wall, same as the stage 4s 92cc chambers.wouldnt pay a lot for them.