[FOR SALE] The Cars are Almost Done :) All NOS Parts for Sale



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Aug 16, 2008
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Both cars are getting close to being done so it's time to move out some etxra,double,forgot I already had one parts. All NOS.

#3548036-7 A Body Exterior Door Handle Set SOLD
#2466307 Fuel Filler Neck Trunk Seal SOLD
#3642963 A Body Left Frame Rail Splash Shield SOLD
#2947856 A Body Clutch Safety Switch NOS Take Off/Bolted On Never Plugged in 150.00
#3467943 Duster/Demon Right Rear Parking Brake Cable 100.00
#3670108 A/E Body Hood Latch 100.00
#2999180/#3695852 1970-1 Dart/Demon Hood Safety Catch. Both these part number written on original tag but can't make out number printed on tag 100.00
#2985982 Glove Box Woodgrain 100.00
#3431058 Manual Washer Fluid Pump SOLD
#3620745 Left '71 Demon/Dart Turn Signal Lense. Black version for Demon. 50.00
#3420711 Left 1970-1 Dart Turn Signal Lense. Silver version 50.00
#2585264/#3004822 Spring Shackle Sets. Have 2 Sets Both SOLD

Can get close up/better pictures on any of the parts. All prices + shipping. More to come

FABO Parts 001.JPG

FABO Parts 003.JPG

FABO Parts 004.JPG
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I would take the manual foot pump, and trunk filller neck seal