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Jan 29, 2005
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Des Moines Iowa
OK about 4 am this morning my roomy and I decided to take the cuda out I needed to test a carb swap I had done and at the same time just do a banzai launch (cuz he hadnt ever seen the cuda at full potential) . Well he still hasn't ...LOL . After checking there werent any cops in any parking lots and allowing the motor to come to full temp, I lined up in the street and staged at about 4000 and dropped the clutch. The cuda went bonkers, fishtailing across 2 lanes, I banged 2nd gear at 5500 and it was like I was on ice, short shifted 3rd and backed out of it. Decided to press my luck and turned around and went back to do it again. This time I cleared out the motor with about 3 good revs and dropped the clutch at 4500the car reacted and within about 10 feet the motor pulled down like someone had thrown a blanket over the carb. Then the clutch let loose.So I really never got to tell if the carb change was for the better or not. But I have blown several clutches and never have I had it bog down the engine before ...usually it is the opposite and it over revs .

now you have the full idea of what happened hereis the problems . The pressure plate I have is custom made and the shop who did it went out of business several years ago. What I had was a zoom pressure plate they re-worked with 3800# of pressure (spings) and some kind of centrifical do-dad that increased the clamping force with rpm. The highest clamping force I find now is like 2750
so question 1..what are you guys who race using for a pressure plate?

question 2 ... While I have the tranny out I am going to re bearing it to get rid of a noise I have at about 2500 rpm ....who do you recommend for parts and somewher I read about the first motion bearing being .030 too wide for the snap rings unless you get it from Ma Mopar ...anyone know anything about this????
will the moderators please delete this thread .i got things figured out for now ..thanks
OK ..between here and you guys arent gonna let me sneak away with out showing my stupid are ya ?
The whole problem (I think) was the fact that I have a new line loc button built into my shifter handle and I think, in my haste to get out of the area I was pulling hole-shots in I grabbed the handle an my thumb was on my line-loc button with out realizing it ....LOL
There ya made me say it and showed my stupid to the forum .....LOL
actually that is the only explaination I can think of for why the clutch would slip mand the engine bog down instead of rev up....what can I say except ...."some days ya feel like a nut ...some days ya don't"
Hey I respect a man with your Mechanical experience who can come out and say I fk'd up.:salut:

We all make mistakes. We all don't admit it.
thanks but I still feel pretty stupid ....LOL that was a rookie mistake for sure and one I wont soon forget either
At least you are honest. Let us know how it launches without the line lock on. I am sure it will really hook up now.
onesty is worth a lot to us! all of us makes misstakes but it takes more to be able to admit that you screved up than it takes to be the guy who just made a misstake and wouldnt let anyone know... hope your out on the street with your cuda soon!