This woman just can't get a break...



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May 24, 2009
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While back I made mention of my wife making masks for a friend whose Mom passed away in an assisted living home. Jenn is still friends with many of the residents. I visited a friend on Sunday, he is a Firefighter/EMT for the county. He had a few boxes of masks and was glad to give me one.
Had some doctors appointments yesterday so I figured it would be a good day to go drop them off, Jenn lives in Liberty Lake, which is right at the WA/ID border....a good 90 or so minute drive to my place.
Was leaving my last doc appointment, got a message from my wife saying to call.
She got a text from Jenn. Last summer Jenn was diagnosed with breast cancer, both breasts. She was 35. She had a double mastectomy. Had reconstructive surgery right around the holidays.
Back to the text...Jenn had a friend over for dinner on Friday. Her friend...well..failed to mention that she had been tested for the virus. While they were having dinner her friend got a call from her doctors office...positive for the virus. Jenn, her husband and 2 kids made the trip their doctors office. Both the kids and Jenn tested positive, her husbands results were not back yet...
Her friend is already in the hospital....she started coughing up blood.
Really feel bad for Jenn. She is a very sweet person. Had a very rough first marriage. Had 1 kid with the guy. Before Jenns Mom passed she used the funds from selling her house to pay her Ex to walk away, which he has. Found the guy of her dreams. Lost her Dad..Year later she lost her Mom to some sort of very rare lung issue. Now this...
I am not religious...but I do ask that those of you that are keep Jenn, Enzo, Isabella and Jeff in your Prayers...Thank You...
Good grief, Doug. What a cross to bear. Adding her to our prayer list.
Terrible news indeed, my heart goes out to Jen and her family and I sincerely hope they are well.

I'm not sure of the messaging you're getting where you are, but from the 3 different levels of government where I live the message is clear: NOBODY should be visiting ANYBODY unless it's an absolute emergency! You should not be leaving the house unless it is absolutely essential! (buy food, go to work etc.)

The fact that ANYONE is out visiting ANYBODY is nonsensical. I hope Jen's friend makes it out ok too, and I also hope that Jen reevaluates her friendship with that woman. Someone who so carelessly puts me an my family at that sort of risk would never be welcomed in my home again. I mean, I'd be pretty pissed if someone came over with a common cold, but the f#kkin' coronavirus? Yeah, that's grounds for dismissal from the circle.

Just my thoughts.
Is Jen still going through chemo? Even if shes not now her immune system may still be compromised Been meaning to contact her, just fearful of what I am going to hear.
Have a neighbor that has pancreatic cancer, he is going thru chemo. He is having a very rough go with it.